Professional Counselor for
Adolescents & Adults

Being a teenager is HARD. Therapy makes it Easier!

I Speak Teenager


I speak teenager language fluently and have dedicated my career to working with adolescents. I create a space where they can contemplate their thoughts, feelings, and actions without judgement, and without being told what to do.   My goal is to help these kids become who they are meant to be, independent of what their environment and society has told them.  They will gain understanding of themselves and increased self-esteem in the process. 

Parents appreciate my ability to connect with kids and help them find the words to explain what they are feeling.  I also work with them to communicate and understand their parents and families better.  If your teenager needs a therapist, you have found one they can relate to and trust.

Anxiety & Stress


My personal experience with anxiety has made treating it a personal passion.   Life has challenges, we are constantly experiencing changes in our daily lives. Adolescence is as an awkward stage where kids struggle to build their identity, learn independence, and explore relationships.  Today's youth are under more stress to succeed, have harder classes at school, and juggle work and extra-curricular activities all while being plugged in to social media. Anxiety can lead to negative thoughts, feelings of sadness, and ultimately losing hope.  I help teenagers learn to understand how anxiety affects their thinking and the physical reactions it creates in their body.   There is hope! You and your child do not have to suffer alone.  Finding a therapist that understands and can related to your child is the key to healing and hope.

LGBTQA Adolescents


Being gay or transgender may, or may not, cause stress for your teenager but living in our society does.  Adolescents who identify as LBGT are at an increased risk for: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • 10 times more likely to experience bullying
  • Twice as likely to commit suicide. 

My goal as therapist is to assist your child in exploration of their sexuality and/or gender while increasing self-acceptance and their self-esteem.  I use an AFFIRMATIVE approach and accepts your child for their own unique identity.  I also work with local agencies who advocate for LBGT individuals in our community and work to educate other therapists working with youth in our parish.

Depression & Suicidal Thoughts


Parents often ask, "How do I know if my teenager is depressed?".  If you are asking this question you already know that something is not right and should consult with a professional who specializes in working with adolescents.  

Common symptoms of depression can include sadness, crying, low motivation, irritability, withdrawing from family and friends, and not enjoying things they previously have enjoyed.  It doesn't matter if it is depression or just unhappiness and stress.  The number of suicides in our parish is astounding and many teenagers hide their feelings and emotions from their parents.  If you suspect your child is struggling with depression or if they have come to you asking for help, don't put it off.  I specialize and enjoy working with adolescents and can help your family figure out how to return your child to the smiling and happy child you remember.

Self Injury/Cutting


Why would anyone want to work with teens who self-injure?  As a therapist I know that cutting is a symptom and not the problem, I can identify and get to the root of the problem.  I use a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Both treatment methods have been proven effective in treating individuals who self-injure. Clients explore their painful emotions and learn new coping techniques to handle the problems they face in their lives. I also assist the family in understanding and supporting their child during this difficult time.

I have been featured in the media talking about the problem of NSSI in our community and has spoken at events to educate teachers and parents about how to handle these behaviors.  

Group Therapy


I run two treatment groups for adolescents and young adults. Spots are limited and pre-screening is required. 

Anxiety Group -. Kids learn to better understand and cope with their anxiety. They have an opportunity to meet peers that also struggle with anxiety and problems in social situations and learn that they are not alone. The group setting allows them to share their experiences with one another and receive feedback and understanding. 

LBGT Group - The group is a place where they can find and get support, advice, and understanding from their peers. Our group includes many members who do not identify with their biological gender. Connecting with others who experiencing the same feelings help them understand and live a happy life.